Boutique Spotlight: Aurora Beauty

AH! I think this might be my favorite series to date. We all know there are a slough of amazing online options for green beauty. Most run by amazing women hustling to make their small business happen. Aurora Beauty is just one that really stuck out to me, that I don't hear get a lot of love. Not only that but the owner, Farah, is such a rockstar I had to have her as my first feature.


I will have some of my favorite Aurora picks coming at you guys soon. Don't you just love when you find a boutique that's almost like you hand picked it with a little surprise sprinkled in? Aurora has some of my all time favorite brands such as Fitglow Beauty and Antonym Cosmetics, as well as some new and fresh brands I am dying to try such as Nu Evolution and Plant Apothecary. Once I saw Farah's amazing selection, on top of her amazing customer service, I knew I needed to pick her brain.

So what better by to highlight a beautiful store and woman I admire then a little Q&A action? Farah and I talk the deets about her green beauty journey, how she started Aurora, and of course, product. You already know Farah is full of information as the owner of the amazing Aurora Beauty online boutique. I hope you all enjoy the interview! 

A photo of the gorgeous Farah herself! SWOON! Anyone else dying over what's on her lips?  I will have to investigate so we                            can all get up on that. It's always nice to have a face with a brand, am I right?!

A photo of the gorgeous Farah herself! SWOON! Anyone else dying over what's on her lips?  I will have to investigate so we                            can all get up on that. It's always nice to have a face with a brand, am I right?!

1. Where are you based?

Aurora Beauty is actually based in Minneapolis, MN - USA. We offer free shipping on all U.S and Canada orders over $50 and are so happy to be able to offer affordable worldwide shipping as well. 

2. What got you started in starting your green beauty journey?

So, here's a little about me. I was born and raised in Kuwait. I lived in India for 3 years with my grandmother during the Gulf War, My dad is from India and my mom is from the Philippines. Being exposed to different cultures at a very young age, I was always fascinated with the different beauty rituals around the world.
Growing up, I also suffered from terrible allergies and eczema. No matter what beauty products I tried, it seemed to make my skin conditions worse. I remember my skin getting so bad to the point where it started to effect my confidence and self-esteem. I just wanted to hide.
I was prescribed to all kinds of medication. After, several failed results, I was finally prescribed to the strongest hydrocortisone cream, which seemed to fix my skin problem, but only temporarily. My allergies and eczema would come back and the cream will make it go away, then it would come back again. It was a frustrating endless cycle.
One day, I stopped using all the beauty products that I was using, including the hydrocortisone cream. Immediately, my skin started healing by itself slowly. My skin still needed an extra boost, so I would use milk, honey, yogurt, turmeric, coconut oil and all these amazing pure nourishing ingredients you can find in your kitchen on my skin. It's what made my skin really happy.
I started Aurora Beauty because I truly believe nature has the best healers. I wanted to create a space where every product you find was just as pure (like nature intended), beautifully packaged, and most importantly, delivered effective results. We work with many amazing and passionate artisans from around the globe who do an incredible work at combining nature and science. I feel so happy sharing their beautiful creations through Aurora Beauty and hope that these products would inspire everyone to take some time out of their busy schedule to relax and nurture their bodies.


3. Did Aurora Beauty automatically follow your new interest in green beauty, or was this a project that came later? Why the name 'Aurora?'

Aurora Beauty definitely came along later. I started taking my interest in Green Beauty more seriously in 2007 and finally felt ready to share my discoveries this year. We opened up on 23 February 2015 (which also happen to be on my birthday...sshh) It's crazy how time flies by! 

I chose the name "Aurora" because it was the most beautiful light that I witnessed when I first moved to the North Dakota countryside for college and I believe we all have this beautiful light within us that shines. Coincidently, the word "Aurora" also means "the dawn" :)

4. What is your best natural lipstick find to date?

Karen Murrell Lipsticks were definitely my very first discoveries that made me fall in love with lipsticks again! I'm also loving Fitglow Beatuty and NU EVOLUTION Lipsticks. All of them are carmine-free, moisturizing and have amazing color pigment with great staying power.

5. If you had to create a capsule makeup collection, what would it consist of?

Such a fun question! To be honest, I usually don't wear a lot of makeup. Although, I love using them, especially during special occasion. So, my capsule makeup collection would definitely consist of:

6. What is one skincare item every woman needs to try?

Definitely a high quality organic face serum! Just adding it to your dally skin care routine makes a huge difference for the skin and helps in giving a radiant glow. It also acts as a great primer when applying makeup! 

aaaaand that's a wrap! I love to support companies that not only carry fantastic and quality product, but that have women running them who are intelligent, kind, and strong. Farah is one of those women! Weren't her answers amazing? The moment I read them back I was like yep, me and Farah, we are two peas in a pod. Have you ever shopped Aurora Beauty? If you have I would love to hear your top picks. If you guys want to hear mine, I will do a dedicated blog post as well as mention a few winning items in my upcoming gift guides. 

Until next time babes, XO!
PS- you can choose any five samples from Aurora for $15 bucks right here.