Violet Skin Care: My Floral Trifecta

Well well well, if it isn't another brand review. This time it's all about florals and their magical effects in these powerful products. Say hello to Violet. Want to know my favorites? Let's do this.

Run by a queen bee in the skin care industry, Violet Mkhitaryan and her two twins (holla from a fellow twin) these three have created their own magical line. With huge focus on all things because pure, organic, fresh, and naturally derived they have just about stole my heart. Do you want some flower petals, herbals extracts, and essential oils all wrapped up in beautiful skincare? Violet has got your back, girl. Not a fan of ordering online and live in the Brookline Massachusetts area? Book yourself a facial in person right here.

White Peony Body Oil 

First up, is my favorite the White Peony Body Oil. Ho-ly Moly is all I have to say about this guy. It's no secret that body oils are kinda my things, but this one has moved it's way straight up to the top (yes, even after first application). As if the gorgeous scent and actual flower petals inside weren't enough, this oil is intensely hydrating for this time year. Again, not another slap on and go kind of oil (not many oils are), but this one is gorgeous right before bed or if you have some time while getting ready. Did I mention you will smell gorgeous? Because that's a promise.

          INGREDIENTS: organic apricot kernel oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic jojoba oil, organic white peony extract ( paeonia lactiflora), peony fragrance oil, coconut essential oil, green tea extract, chlorophyll, bulgarian rose oil, dry peony flower petals.

Can I just get a big yaaas? It's amazing, simple, and hell just look at it, it's gorgeous. Pick this up right here. Oh, and save 20% with code 'greenbunny' at checkout. White Peony not your thing? Then check out Coconut, Herbal, and Plain Old Rose as well.

Radiant Rose Petal Face Oil

You guys will already know about this pretty guy if you read my favorite facial oil blog post over here, so I will be brief. Smells like straight up rose candy, hydrates like no other, and helps with general skin tone. I can attest to all three. Those are just my favorite aspects, but Bulgarian Rose also helps my dry girls boost their oil production if your skin is off balance, and aids with anti-aging, a classic trait of rose. I have fabulous success with Rose in my skincare and this is no exception, but Violet, I want this as a perfume too. Please and thanks. I think any skin type can get away with this, but definitely make sure to wash your face the morning after as I find a slight residue left over (a testament to it's hydration, and I ain't mad). Need to get your paws on it? Like I said, code 'greenbunny' will save ya right over here.

INGREDIENTS: organic argan oil, rose hip seed oil. organic amaranth oil, bulgarian rose essential oil (rosa damascene) & fragrance oil blend, fresh rose flower petals

Rose Petal Toner 

As you all may now know, I am a complete and total Rose addict, and as of recently a total toner addict. I love toner for it's complete and total simplicity, and gorgeous fragrance. Since I love toner pre and post makeup application, I love the aromatic experience this toner delivers on top of it's hydrating effects. It is only composed of Bulgarian Rose Water, and Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil, that's it!  Though I don't notice life changing differences with this toner, it definitely hydrates and gives that beautiful skin like finish to my makeup that I love. Again, suitable for all skin types! Pick yours up right here my fellow Rose lovers. Not part of the Rose clan? Then maybe it's soothing Parsley Herbal toner could be your friend, and that's right over here.

Alright babes, that's a wrap! If you need some further product inspiration check out their best selling Yolk Mask (my next purchase without a doubt), The Chocolate Mask, or even her dry masks. Once I get my paws on those, you better expect a review! Don't forget code 'greenbunny' will save you a generous 20% off at checkout. I am team Violet, are you?

Until next time babes, XO!